Rabbids Go Home

Rabbids Go Home 1.0

Rabbids Go Home - DVD is a well made and enjoyable 'comedy adventure'

After invading Earth and partying intensely, the Rabbids are ready to get back home. Due to having the attention span of a goldfish, they decide to go to the moon, which they think is a giant lightbulb. They come up with a plan to collect all of the human stuff they can find, heap it onto a giant pile and climb to the Moon. They gather the human objects and fit them all into one shopping cart, transfer all of the stuff they have found through the sewage system via a series of toilets and add the stuff to their growing pile, which becomes higher as the game progresses. Eventually, the humans revolt against the Rabbids and become "Verminators" in a bid to exterminate the Rabbids and retrieve their stolen stuff.

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